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Caribbean Trade Logistics Advisors Inc.

Caribbean Trade Logistics Advisors (CTLA) is a full service logistics organization with directors and associates who have a proven track record of managing retail logistics in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. Caribbean Trade Logistics Advisors is one of the most responsive shipping companies in Barbados.

CTLA is committed to understanding your business requirements so we can use our logistical expertise to offer solutions that are modular and scalable to meet your operational needs while adding value to your processes. If you are relocating to Barbados or shipping from the USA to Barbados, or if you are shipping to from Barbados, CTLA is here to serve your needs. We also specialize in shipping from Panama to Barbados.  Some will try to coordinate their own shipping, doing so creates risk and you will assume the liability. CTLA will save you money and save you the headache.

CTLA Inc. is intended to be a key partner in your supply chain by providing the services listed below on a project basis or managing your entire supply chain.